About eatSydney

eatSydney is inspired by the very popular and useful eatBoston on Twitter. eatSydney’s site and Twitter stream is a hub for ordinary people who love food, particularly those in Sydney, Australia.

This site is designed to be a breakout from the discussion eatSydney is having on Twitter (follow here), and will contain tips on great produce in the Sydney area, restaurant reviews, deals and receipes, and anything else that pops up in discussion with the eatSydney community.

eatSydney is also hoping to inspire an international network of  “eatCities”. Food lovers are often travellers and it would be great to tap into that local knowledge – of what’s great and secret gems – before you even arrive.

So if you have insights to share about Sydney’s most fantastic fare, or you’re overseas and have started a food lover network, eatSydney would love to hear from you.


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