Introducing eatSydney reviews

This blog is about food in general, and the restaurants and produce of Sydney in particular. eatSydney gets about. The pursuit of good food is relentless, and where ever we go, we aim to take you with us.

Here we introduce eatSydney reviews where we will act as that great food-loving friend you wish you had before that disastrous first date at a greasy Chinese, or nightmare birthday party where your 25 guests waited three hours for a bowl of dip.

eatSydney will review under the following categories: Fine dining, Party time and Cheap date.

As always, we would love to hear your suggestions on where to try. And if you’re not already, follow us on Twitter.

Meet the reviewers

Our small (that’s two) review team will be sampling the delights of Sydney and regularly reporting back, either individually or as a team. You’ll see the author’s name (or names) at the top of each review.


Jess’s love of food was evident from the beginning. She was born with a full set of teeth. With an adventurous baby boomer mother churning out the stirfries and father who loved the exoticness of the local Chinese, who could stop her really?

By the time she was legally allowed to enhance food with wine, she had set her path to becoming a full blown lush.

With a love of eating at home and hosting dinner parties, Jess considers food to be very much an extension of love and friends.

Naturally a snob, a two year stint as a reviewer for the Good Food Guide did her no favours in this respect, and she is still prone to getting a little snooty. Disastrous experiments too numerous to count have managed to humble her slightly. These disasters, along with the kind forgiveness of her friends are helping her to overcome this terrible affliction.


Beck was born at the age of 18 with the palate of a veteran wine-buff and the liver to match.

Beck’s fondest childhood memories are shrouded by the stigma of her unholy devotion to cheese, an anomaly best illustrated by her obsession with an 80cm wheel of grana padano residing in a cheese room on Danks Street.

Since moving to Sydney in 1999 Beck has engaged in a robust daily orgy of tannins and moulds, be it with friends or people she met on the internet.

Beck currently lives happily in a house with purpose-built doorways wide enough for her monumental bottom.

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